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 How are my oysters packaged?

Oysters are packed in bulk, in poly bags.

Packing the oysters in bags allows the cool air to circulate around the individual oysters when they are in our chiller, or on their way to you

via refrigerated transport.

Where do I collect my oysters?

Oysters are available for collection on your preferred day of pickup from:

Jimmy Elias and Son Seafoods

12 Scan Court


 How much is freight?

Freight has been factored into the cost of the oysters – there are no additional charges.

 Are my oysters unshucked?

No – all oysters are sold unshucked due to licencing.

Do you deliver oysters?

We only offer a collection service in Adelaide.  Please note we don’t offer collection services in any other states.



Oysters must be stored at below 10 degrees. 

Oysters can last up to 5 – 7 days stored this way (possibly longer).

Store with the lid upright to contain any liquid in the oysters.

 How long does it take for an oyster to grow?
Oysters can take anywhere from 12 – 18 months to grow to a saleable size – depending on conditions.


 Are oysters available all year round?
The oyster season is generally from March – January (this may vary from year to year).

Where are you located?

Our land base address is 3 - 5 Nicholson Avenue, Coffin Bay.  The oyster leases are situated in the pristine waters of Coffin Bay and are only

accessible by boat.

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A Oysters beneficial to ones health?

  • In short, Yes! Oysters are an excellent source of zinc, iron, calcium, omega 3, and vitamin A. They are also high in protein and low in cholesterol.

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