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West Coast Oysters owner

West Coast Oysters is a family-owned business and has been in operation since 1989.

Our oyster farming journey began in the waters of Franklin Harbour – Cowell. In early 2000 we made the decision to relocate our farming operations to Coffin Bay.

The pristine waters of Coffin Bay are perfect for oyster growing - the waters are nutrient rich and provide the oysters with all the food they need naturally.

Our growing conditions produce an oyster with a crisp Southern Ocean taste.

Owners Rob and Angela, along with 4 team members are committed to bringing
you a first class product using sustainable farming practices.

West Coast Oysters

West Coast Oysters

Oysters are grown using an adjustable longline system, which has minimal impact on the environment, and also allows us to control the growth and condition of our oysters by raising or lowering the lines.

Modern grading machines have replaced hand grading and sorting, computer-based farm management systems have replaced handwritten notebooks, but we haven’t changed our practice of supplying a top quality oyster.

West Coast Oysters is certified under the SA Primary Produce Food Safety Scheme Act 2004. Accreditation No 20/157. The scheme is audited yearly, and covers all aspects of safely growing, harvesting, packing, and transporting our oysters.

Oyster baskets using the BST adjustable longline system used to grow oysters
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