Coffin Bay Collection

Coffin Bay Collection

Oysters are available to purchase from our Coffin Bay shed located at 3 - 5 Nicholson Avenue, Coffin Bay. When our sign is out the front of the shed we have fresh oysters available to purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: We don't operate a retail shopfront, if we are out working on the water the shed is shut. Times do vary, but we are usually always in the shed from mid morning on a Monday. Unfortunately, we cannot give set opening times as every day is different. If you wish to purchase amounts over 10 dozen, please call to pre-order (2 days notice required), or pop into the shed to arrange. If you are travelling, oysters can be packed into a foam box for your convenience.

Foam boxes are available to purchase -$10 per box - boxes can hold 20 dozen oysters

Oyster knives available - $7

Oysters available Monday - Friday (limited opening hours Friday - usually mornings)

1 dozen - $12.00/doz

2 dozen plus - $10/doz


  • Storage

    Unshucked oysters must be stored at below 10 Degrees

    Shucked oysters must be stored at below 5 Degrees