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5 dozen MEDIUM oysters (Adelaide Pick up - Royal Park)

5 dozen MEDIUM oysters (Adelaide Pick up - Royal Park)



5 dozen live whole shell Pacific Oysters supplied in a poly bag.




Oysters must be stored below 10 degrees.



** OYSTERS CAN BE FROZEN FOR UP TO 3 MONTHS AT YOUR OWN RISK - (refer manufacturers specifications) **


When collecting your oysters please transport them home in an esky, complete with a frozen ice brick(s).Please note you should not place ice directly on the oysters, or have them submerged in ice water. Ice will melt and submerge the oysters which causes them to go into shock and die. Once you have reached your destination, please place your oysters in active refrigeration immediately.We take great measures to ensure you recieve a top quality product that has been look after every step of the way, so please ensure that as a consumer you also look after our product.


Oysters to be collected from: Jimmy Elias and Son, 12 Scan Court - ROYAL PARK on your nominated day from 9am-5pm weekdays and 8am-2pm weekends.

  • Manufacturers Specification

    - Whole live Pacific oysters - must be kept under 10 degrees until consumption.

    - Shucked oysters must be kept under 5 degrees until consumption.

    - Product to be consumed within 10 days of harvest date.

    - Not suitable to be frozen from September - April.

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